Welcome to Mango Tree Resort & Villas, a luxury orchard resort in KONKAN.

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Stay in the heart of A KONKANI MANGO ORCHARD

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Staying in the luxurious resort rooms, suites, or villas at The Mango Tree Resort offers a perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and natural beauty, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the Konkani mango orchard while enjoying the finest in hospitality and accommodations.

Extraordinary Accommodations

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Experience exquisite Konkani cuisine

With its emphasis on fresh organic ingredients grown on the resort, bold flavors, and aromatic spices, dining on Konkani cuisine at The Mango Tree Resort promises to be a culinary journey that delights the senses and leaves you craving for more.

Introducing Our Services & Facilities

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State-of-the-art amenities include a dramatic double-story loft lounge, spectacular rooftop lounge, Technogym fitness center, media corner, and a gracious 24/7 resident services team.

Ping Pong & Pool (Billiards)

At The Mango Tree Resort, guests can enjoy a variety of recreational activities, including ping pong (table tennis) and pool (billiards). These amenities provide additional opportunities for entertainment and relaxation during your stay at the resort.

Swimming Pool, Children Play Area & Nature Trail

Whether you’re looking to unwind by the pool, keep the kids entertained, or connect with nature, the resort provides ample opportunities for a memorable stay.

For Your Work & Meetings
Comfortable spaces to host your meetings

With over 22,000 square feet of flexible event space (indoors & outdoors), our Special Events Team is here to help you create a truly distinctive event whether for a large family function or for a Corporate Training Program. Please inquire with our sales team for detailed information.

High standards of hospitality

We strive to provide our guests with luxury, comfort & tailor-made service.

“The hotel is well located. Rooms are very clean. Great services. Very kind people from front desk and delicious breakfast. And I really love the spa!”
Sophie Laurier
“Brilliant staff and exceptional customer service. The place is fantastic. Great facilities and atmosphere. Buffet breakfast daily is very generous.”
Luna Wayne
“The restaurants available were all very good. Friendly staff, helpful disposition made our overall experience wonderful. We will be going again next year.”
Joseph Hart
“The rooms are all renovated and modern. And the staff are very willing to help you plan your day. Thanks for all the staff and this pleased trip!”
Erin Pierce
Local Tours & Activities

Discover Konkan

Exploring the Konkan region is a delightful journey through a picturesque coastal landscape dotted with pristine beaches, historic forts, lush greenery, and vibrant culture.

Just Fun
Beaches & Waterfalls

The Mango Tree Resort is ideally located to explore various attractions in the vicinity. Here’s a brief overview of the distances to some popular nearby destinations:

  1. Devgad Beach

  2. Malvan Beach

  3. Radhanagari Wildlife Sanctuary

  4. Amboli Waterfalls


The Mango Tree Resort offers convenient access to several historical and cultural landmarks in the region. Here’s a brief overview of the distances to Vijaydurg Fort and Sindhudurg Fort from the resort:

  1. Vijaydurg Fort

  2. Sindhudurg Fort

Best choice

The Mango Tree Resort serves as an excellent base for exploring the religious and cultural landmarks in the surrounding area. Here are the distances to some notable temples from the resort:

  1. Kunkeshwar Temple

  2. Angane Wadi Temple

  3. Ganpatipule Temple